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We are specialised in the production of wooden crates, assembled and semi-assembled:front and lateral sides.
wooden crates for fruits
Envases Villarreal Envases Villarreal is a company of the Valencian Community, Spain, founded in 1983. It has a great experience in the manufacture and labelling of Front, Lateral and Bottom parts that make up the wooden containers.
To our customers who manufacture packaging, we propose both the elements that make up the crates (Front sides, Lateral sides and Bottoms), and the packaging already assembled.
emballages certifée par le label GROW, accordé par FEDEMCO
100% recyclable
100% ecological

We are an export company of semi-assembled products, a benchmark in the Spanish citrus sector.

We are ready to offer our services to manufacturers of wooden crates that need to outsource part of their production of Fronts, Laterals and Bottoms. We also offer custom labelling with (traditional) lithography in bronze plate, and flexography, in rubber plate (poplar and pine plywood and MDF board).
immediate shipment
We have depots for the storage of raw material, semi-processed and processed for immediate shipment.

Components and materials

  • In Pinewood
  • Multilayered poplar wood
  • Multilayer pinewood
  • MDF panels
As producers of light crates made of organic and recyclable wood and with the GROW certification, granted by FEDEMCO, our company is registered in the official Register of wooden crates manufacturers. wooden crate

Personalised labelling with: Lithography (Traditional)

Personalised labelling with Lithography

Personalised labelling with: Flexography

Personalised labelling with Flexography

Envases Villarreal produces wooden packaging suitable to the needs of each customer and for every type of fruit or vegetable, in compliance with the most rigorous standards in terms of quality, food safety and plant health.

With our packaging, fruit and vegetables travel in complete safety, maintaining their freshness and differentiating themselves from the competition.

wooden crates for fruit


from 2.5 to 5
Kg 49501


from 5 to 15
Kg 49054


from 5 to 15
Kg 49052-1-2


> from 5 to 20
Kg 49053
We make different types of crates customised with our customers' brand on different types of materials: Pine boards, Poplar plywood, Pine plywood, MDF panels.
The GROW certification guarantees the conformity of our manufactured crates in compliance with quality and environmental standards. Our raw material is natural and of national origin.

We produce the best crates for fruit and vegetables
since 1983

wooden crates


Envases Villarreal

Envases Villarreal S.L.
Camino Carretera, 24 y 26 .
12540-Vila-real (Castellón)
Tel: +34 964 52 07 95
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ENVASES VILLARREAL, S.L. ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es mejorar los procesos de internacionalización de las Pymes, mediante la implementación de planes de acción de Marketing Digital Internacional y gracias al cual ha mejorado la estrategia de promoción en los mercados exteriores. Esta acción ha tenido lugar en 2018-2019. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del programa Xpande Digital de la Cámara de Comercio de Castellón.